Testimonials from Schools Workshops


Following successful workshops at the Independent Schools Music Conference and at Eltham College (see recent news item), some excellent feedback has been provided as follows:

Independent Schools Music Conference, Ryde, Isle of WIght, September 2018

"This is wonderful work, it really helps to make connections for young people to look after themselves in every way, their mind, body and emotions."

Eltham College Music Scholars Alexander Technique Day September 2018

“I had never really understood what I meant to ‘let go and perform’, but after an hour of watching, listening and engaging with the activities and tools of Alexander Technique it became so very clear to me just how I could learn to let go and use my body as a tool for freedom within performance, and not be constrained by anxiety or tension. It really was quite a revelation. I am looking forward to finding out more and studying further methods related to Alexander Technique.”
Andrew (Violinist), aged 17.

“When I perform I become so tense because I am very nervous. It is frustrating because I love performing but get so terrified. I learnt a huge amount about my own confidence and musicianship through the use of Alexander Technique during our Music Scholars Day . I think this technique is so helpful and rewarding as it allows you to centre yourself and focus on the music and not the nerves.”
Zach (Pianist), aged 14.

“I loved our Alexander Technique day. I learnt so much more about myself and how to make music more successfully. I had never really heard about this technique but it has opened my eyes to see the wider values and potential that it offers. Thanks for a great day. Please can we do this again?”
Will (Bassoonist), aged 11.